jazzahead! festival will be presenting Finland as its partner country and transforming Bremen into a jazz metropolis. Tickets are available now.
AUS FINNLAND (From Finland) – that’s the motto of the jazzahead! festival, which will take place from 15 to 30 April 2017 in Bremen and will be focusing on the partner country Finland.

The jazzahead! festival will be presenting Finland’s cultural scene over two weeks in 2017 – this is particularly fitting as 2017 also marks the 100th anniversary of the independence of Suomi. 1917 is also regarded as the “official” birth year of jazz. With its diverse cultural scene, the country will be presented in exhibitions, readings, films, dance and, of course, music and jazz. The festival kicks off at Theater Bremen on 15 April 2017 and leads up to the jazzahead! trade fair weekend from 27 April.

Bremen meets Finland: Gala concert with Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and Finland’s star pianist Iiro Rantala
The jazzahead! 2017 gala concert connects Bremen with Finland by putting Iiro Rantala and Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen on stage together at Die Glocke. Iiro Rantala is currently probably the most famous jazz musician from Finland. He has shaken up the international jazz scene with his band Trio Töykeät for decades now. In his virtuoso way, Iiro Rantala also links jazz with classical music, as he has felt at home in both spheres from the outset: he studied jazz piano at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, and studied classical piano in the US, where jazz actually originates. For the first time in Germany, he will be presenting a few of his pieces with orchestra. Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie lends itself particularly well to being a partner in Bremen. And as the orchestra is already playing some of his pieces, he in return will perform a Mozart piano concert – with an improvised cadence, of course.
Tickets are available now.

The jazzahead! showcase festival
While the international jazz world meets to discuss and negotiate jazz-related matters at the trade fair in Exhibition Hall 6, 40 showcase concerts will be put on for the general public, too, next-door in Exhibition Hall 7 and at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof. The showcase festival of the jazzahead! partner country will open with Finnish Night on 27 April 2017, continuing on Friday afternoon and evening with the European Jazz Meeting, which has swapped places with the bands of the German Jazz Expo and Overseas Night for the first time in 2017. The latter two concert modules will bring the jazzahead! showcase festival to a close on Saturday.
The programme of 40 short concerts will be finalized in mid-December. Tickets are available now.

jazzahead! clubnight
On 29 April 2017, the 7th jazzahead! clubnight will see even more venues brought together for the long night of jazz than it did last year. Around 40 clubs will be putting on jazz and jazz-related music in Bremen. Tickets cost 25 euros (or 20 euros for concessions), include the use of local public transport throughout the VBN network, and are available now.

Since 2011 the international jazz industry’s annual event in Bremen has been supplemented by the jazzahead! festival, which is held prior to the trade fair and presents the cultural scene of a partner country within its framework, as well as in other concerts, e.g. the gala concert and the jazzahead! clubnight. The trade fair’s showcase concerts are also open to the public. This year the festival will be put on in cooperation with numerous (cultural) institutions in the city as well as with the Finland-Institute in Berlin and Music Finland. In 2016, the trade fair and festival recorded a total of 25,000 visitors. Since 2015 the jazzahead! festival has been supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media with funds from the federal budget.

The full programme will be finalised at the beginning of next year and will be available on the website www.jazzahead.de.

All jazzahead! tickets are available for presale in our online shop at Nordwest Ticket, its advance booking points and under +49 421 36 36 36. The tickets are also available at the ticket service at the Glocke (+49 421  33 66 99), at the WESER-KURIER Pressehaus, all regional newspaper publishing houses or online at www.jazzahead.de/ and  weser-kurier.de/ticket

Press release 2: JAZZAHEAD! 2017: FINLAND IN FOCUS (pdf)

Foto1_LHijazCar_jazzahead_ShowcaseFestival(c) Jens Schlenker_MesseBremen

Photo 1: jazzahead! showcase festival will again present 40 highlights of the international jazz scene © Jens Schlenker / MESSE BREMEN


Photo 2: jazzahead! clubnight takes over on 29. April 2017 and turns more than 35 venues in Bremen into jazz clubs © Nikolai Wolff / MESSE BREMEN


Photo 3: jazzahead! gala concert 2017 connects Bremen and the jazzahead! partner country Finland: Iiro Rantala and Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie © ACT, Gregor Hohenberg