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11. March 2021

Showcasing Bands 2021: European Jazz Meeting (Part 3)

jazzahead! digital 2021 will present 32 showcasing acts in three categories: German Jazz Expo, Europen Jazz Meeting and Overseas Night. From 29 April to 2 May, 2021, jazzahead!'s digital stage will be filled with world-class acts, an impressive selection of large ensembles and for the very first time, a very substantial number of bands led by women. Get to know the bands beforehand in our blog!
22. January 2021

Brexit Blues. A few reflections

By Sebastian Scotney
18. August 2020

Jazz: Life Among Disasters from its very beginning / by Francesco Martinelli

Considering the fact that corona is not the first global crisis that the world (not only jazz) had been confronted with, we asked experienced Italian historian Francesco Martinelli to take a closer look into history how especially jazz had dealt with disasters of comparable impact and what helped him to survive.
17. August 2020

Silvervest: Zombik & Caloia – Sala Rossa 2020

Silvervest was selected to play the Canadian program during jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT.
Fortunately, they got to play at Sala Rossa in Montreal's Casa del Populo and we get to share their gig with you!
We are looking forward to welcoming Canada back as our partner country next edition and with it a wide and fabolous range of jazz and music from Canada.