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18. March 2021

Live Panel #7: International Jazz Day

The IJD, officially designated by the UNESCO in 2011, takes place each year on 30 April and has the aim to remind people of the artistic significance of jazz, its roots and its worldwide impact on cultural development. Jeff Levenson, member of the Board of the Herbie-Hancock-Institute Of Jazz, which organizes IJD, will provide information about the event. For the first time in 2021, jazzahead! and International Jazz Day will join forces. And it is also a special year for both: jazzahead! turns fifteen, and International Jazz Day celebrates its tenth anniversary on 30 April 2021. A conversation between Jeff Levenson (IJD) and Peter Schulze (jazzahead!)
19. January 2021

Virtual Session #5 28 January, 3 PM CET: Brexit: „What’s jazz got to do with it“

Our fifth jazzahead! Virtual Session will focus on Brexit and include, among other subjects: the practical consequences of Brexit for UK-based musicians touring abroad, and for foreign musicians wanting to appear in the UK. ...
18. January 2021

Live Panel #6: Spotlight on selected city scenes: COLOGNE

Cologne is one of Germany`s most important jazz cities. The scene in Cologne is very much driven by the artists and their initiatives, such as Stadtgarten, KLAENG Kollektiv and Cologne Jazzweek. We will talk with three important personalities of the Cologne scene:
11. December 2020

Live Panel #5: Spotlight on country scenes – GREECE

Let’s talk about Greece! In this jazzahead! live panel we will set the focus on the jazz scene in Greece that 2018 showcasing artist Petros Klampanis described as “full of muscial ability, creativity and enthusiasm” in an interview.
18. November 2020

Live Panel #4: Spotlight on selected city scenes – Berlin

Jazz City Berlin – we’ll take you on a trip to Berlin with two Berliners and dive into what’s going on in Germany’s capital jazz-wise.
16. October 2020

Live Panel #3: jazzahead! meets Europe Jazz Network

In the third jazzahead! Live Panel on Facebook we have talked with Europe Jazz Network.
18. September 2020

jazzahead! Live Panel #2

In the second jazzahead! Live Panel of Facebooj we talked about the challenges that live venues and festivals are facing this season start.
4. September 2020
Facebook Header Veranstaltung Live-Panel

Watch Our First Live Panel on Facebook!

On Thursday, 3 September we have started our first monthly live panel on our jazzahead! facebook page. You can watch it now here on our blog and as well on the jazzahead! YouTube channel: free of charge and for all jazz fans!
17. August 2020

Silvervest: Zombik & Caloia – Sala Rossa 2020

Silvervest was selected to play the Canadian program during jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT.
Fortunately, they got to play at Sala Rossa in Montreal's Casa del Populo and we get to share their gig with you!
We are looking forward to welcoming Canada back as our partner country next edition and with it a wide and fabolous range of jazz and music from Canada.