jazzahead! Cancellation 2020

1Are the festival events also cancelled?
Yes, jazzahead! festival events are cancelled, too. This includes the Festival Opening on 17 April, the Gala Concert on 24 April, all showcase concerts as well as the jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT on 25 April.
2 jazzahead! is cancelled – will I be refunded for my existing 2020 registration / booth to the fair?
In our case of force majeure we decided to pay all registration and stand fees back to 100%. That means also that you don´t have to pay the invoices which are still open. There is also an option to transfer the paid fee to next year. This applies for exhibitors, their co-exhibitors and for professional participants. For service handbook bookings (furniture, etc.) prices are subject to change in 2021. We will announce how this will work in detail to all previously registered participants in an extra letter as soon as possible. Concerning refunds: Please be patient! For those who desire a refund, we will start with refunding our exhibitors and stand fees followed by our registered participants. After the registration it is very easy to submit an application online via our online system. Please read the next FAQ to get more information about the online application.
3 jazzahead! is cancelled – will I be refunded for my extra bookings via the service handbook for furniture etc.?
All extras will be refunded.
4 I have booked extras, such as matchmaking sessions or advertisement. Will I be refunded?
All extras will be refunded.
5 I have a showcase at jazzahead! 2020 and the event is cancelled. What now?
We have decided that the showcase selection will remain unchanged for next year’s edition. jazzahead! will contact all showcasing bands to discuss the next steps.
6I have bought a concert ticket (Gala Concert, Festival Opening, Showcase concert, CLUBNIGHT) and the event is officially cancelled, will I be refunded?
All concert tickets will be refunded. As a general rule, the tickets should be returned to the advance booking point where they were purchased. If you’ve ordered online or directly via Call Center at NORDWEST TICKET / TICKETMASTER , communication via email at info@nordwest-ticket.de or info@ticketmaster.de is preferable to a phone call.
Special note for Gala Concert with Rufus Wainwright: Despite the cancellation of this year’s edition we still try to find a possible transferral for this special release concert to another date in 2020. In case of a possible postponement tickets will remain valid. In case a postponement is not possible, you still can get a refund for the purchased tickets. Nevertheless, if you wish to return the ticket now, you can do so.
As the processing of cancellations and the clarification of refunds will take some time and also some sales points (have to) close down temporarily, we kindly ask you to be patient and not to rush out to return your tickets. You will still get your money refunded in a few weeks. In case you’ve bought your hardcover CLUBNIGHT ticket directly at one of the participating venues, please contact them directly for a refund.
7 I am booked for a gig in jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT – what now?
Please get in touch with your contract partner. If you have received third party funds, we advise you to get also in touch with the funding body.
8 I am booked for an event within the Focus Country Canada Program – what now?
Please get in touch with your contract partner. If you have received third party funds, we also advise you to get in touch with the funding body.
9 I have booked a hotel room via BTZ, Bremer Touristik Zentrale, and need to cancel. How shall I proceed?
10 I have booked a hotel through other channels and need to cancel. How shall I proceed?
Please contact your booking agency or hotel.


1When can I apply for a showcase?
This year, applications for jazzahead! 2020 showcase festival can be submitted from 5 September until 31 October 2019.
2How can I apply for a showcase?
Precondition for applying for a showcase slot is that the band/artist is proposed by a registered (co-)exhibitor or professional participant (all days) of jazzahead! 2020. Of course, bands/artists can register as (co-)exhibitors (e.g. with an umbrella stand) or professional participants (all days) themselves as well. An international jury of experts will then review all applications and select which of the proposed bands/artists will get one of the showcase slots. After the registration it is very easy to submit an application online via our online system. Please read the next FAQ to get more information about the online application.
3How does the application process work?
Please select the fitting module for your band and enter all information needed. The Showcase application system is online-based. You can apply between 5 September and 31 October 2019. The steps are as follows: 1: Register as (co-) exhibitor or professional participant (all days) here 2: Read and accept the preconditions 3: Submit the application via the online application system in the participants portal
4For which module should my band apply?
We have 4 showcase Modules: Canadian Night, European Jazz Meeting, German Jazz Expo and Overseas Night. For the Canadian Night, the majority of the band members should have a residence in Canada. For the European Jazz Meeting the majority of the band members should have a residence in Europe, excl. Germany. For the Overseas Night the majority of the band members should have a residence outside of Europe. For the German Jazz Expo the majority of the band members should have a residence in Germany.

You can suggest 1 band for each showcase module only (4 modules = 4 bands max.). The same band cannot be submitted for different modules!
5My band is touring, are you interested in booking us?
The jazzahead! showcasing bands apply and are chosen by a jury. jazzahead! does not make the booking for the showcase concerts. Please see the first question for details on how to apply for a showcase concert.


1What are my options to attend jazzahead!?
You can participate as an exhibitor with your own stand or you can register as a co-exhibitor with an umbrella stand, professional participant or press representative. All participation options with prices and hall plans can be found here. The following services are only available as a registered participant:

1. Entrance to the trade fair exhibition in Hall 6
2. Personal badge & jazzahead!-bag with information material (issued at the venue)
3. Entry in the list of professional participants with all important personal data and a log-in to the online database
4. WIFI is included at jazzahead!
5. Regular discount on the tickets for the jazzahead! GALA CONCERT at Die Glocke and the jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT in Bremen city.
2How can I register?
You can register online as an exhibitor, co-exhibitor, professional participant or media representative for jazzahead!. All important information can be found here.

Registration will be possible online until 1 April 2020. After that date registration is only possible on site. Please note: A registration as a professional participant on site will be charged additionally with 20 € + 19% VAT. Registration as an exhibitor or co-exhibitor is no longer possible on site.
3How can I pay?
Payment via invoice is only possible for exhibitors. Payment is to be made after the issue of the invoice immediately and at the latest 14 days after receiving the invoice. As an exhibitor you can pay by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. For co-exhibitors and professional participants we accept payment only via credit card, paypal or Sofortüberweisung (immediate money transfer).
Payment is required directly after you hit “submit order”. You’ll be directly forwarded to the payment after the order is submitted. You will get the invoice to your indicated e-mail after your online registration. Please notice that the sending could take a few days.
4In which cases do I need to pay VAT?
Customers from Germany have to pay the GERMAN VAT. We can only remit the VAT of 19% for other exhibitors (inside and outside of Europe) with an own stand if we have the necessary certifications. Registrations as professional participants or as co-exhibitors are reliable to German VAT in any case, they are handled like visitor tickets.


1Is the Service handbook available online?
If you are registered as an exhibitor or co-exhibitor and already logged in at our website, you will find all order forms and the service handbook in the Participants Portal from January 2020.
2How may I arrange delivery of goods and packages for my stand?
For deliveries please use the following address:

exhibitor name
hall 6 & stand No. c/o MESSE BREMEN / M3B GmbH
Tor D / Depot
Hollerallee 99
28215 Bremen

You can also use the order form B6 from the service handbook.
3How do I know who else is coming to jazzahead!, and how can I arrange a meeting prior to the event?
If you are registered as an exhibitor, co-exhibitor, professional participant or media representative you will find a list of the participants including their contact details in our participants portal. Please note that you only see those participants who have accepted the online listing.
Based on the new GDPR, registered participants can reject the online listing of the data and the entry in the GUIDE. Therefore, a complete list of all participants in advance is no longer possible.
4May I sell merchandise or other items at my stand at jazzahead!?
Sales transactions are permitted. This excludes gastronomic products. For all exhibits prices are to be clearly marked including VAT and other hidden costs. During consumer events the exhibitor undertakes to refrain from all unfair competition against other exhibitors and local businesses.


1Can I attend the concerts if I am not registered for jazzahead! as (co-)exhibitor or professional participant?
Visitor tickets for the showcase concerts of Canadian Night, European Jazz Meeting, German Jazz Expo and Overseas Night are available as individual tickets, for full days or for all days. Since 2016 the tickets do not include the trade fair anymore. The gala concert and other special concerts can be visited with a separate ticket. All ticket options can be found on our website.
On the jazzahead! days you can also buy your tickets on-site at the ticket counter in Hall 7 but we suggest purchasing them in advance, especially the single tickets for the showcases because they are occasionally sold out.
As a visitor, you do not get the special benefits of a professional participant, exhibitor or co-exhibitor.

Around jazzahead!

1Do you offer special hotel deals?
Yes, please have a look at the option here . If you are a showcasing artist and are looking for accommodation, please contact Insa Stanke.
2What are the opening times?
Here you find the opening hours.
3How can I book my ticket for jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT?
You can buy your ticket for the jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT here or directly at the pre-sale offices: Nordwest Ticket (phone +49 (0)421-363636) and at the Ticket-Service at Glocke Bremen (phone: +49 (0)421-336699). All participating clubs are also selling the jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT ticket in advance and on site. Please note that due to the limited capacity of the venues the jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT ticket doesn’t guarantee you the right to admission. If a venue is full, you still have the possibility to visit another concert at one of the several participating clubs.
4How can I visit events during the Cultural Festival (17-26 April)?
We work together with various cultural institutions in Bremen. Please refer to the events in the program calendar to get more info on the ticket for each of these events.
5Do the venues offer disabled access?
The exhibition centre, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof and Die Glocke do provide disabled access. For information regarding other venues, please get in touch with us.

jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT

1How can I apply with my band to play at CLUBNIGHT?
The interest in a performance in one of the venues of the CLUBNIGHT can be sent to jazzahead!Here you can find more infos.