MESSE BREMEN & ÖVB-Arena hosts the jazzahead! twitter at the following URL https://twitter.com/jazzahead. You can quit www.jazzahead.de and access the twitter page by clicking on the "Yes" button. At no time does MESSE BREMEN & ÖVB-Arena save the personal data of our fans. At no time does MESSE BREMEN & ÖVB-Arena use the data you post to the fan pages, e.g. comments, videos or photos, for any other purposes, or pass it on to third parties.

However, as the host of the fan pages, MESSE BREMEN & ÖVB-Arena has no influence over the processing of your data by twitter. We cannot rule out that twitter uses your profile data and/or passes it on to third parties. This can relate e.g. to your habits, personal relationships, preferences and other aspects. Only go to twitter, if you are aware of these effects and are prepared to accept the above risks. If necessary, find out more from the sources available. Click on the "No" button if you do not want to send your data to twitter.