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Interview Jeff Levenson

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29. July 2021
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21. July 2021

Interview with Jeff Levenson

Peter Schulze

Jeff, as you were one of the very few people who attended jazzahead! digital 2021, what sort of experience was that for you?

What were your observations as to how the organisation dealt with the absence of participants and exhibitors in such a pandemic situation? And how about the musicians that actually performed live in a 14.000 seater with no audience at all (apart from the two of us;-)? "

Jeff Levenson
It was a strong presentation, in spite of the epidemic. An irony, in fact. Jazzahead organized performances and panels in ways that might prove useful even beyond the effects of Covid. Visually engaging, participatory. I got the feeling of shared purpose and community - the virtual equivalent of what we always experienced in the past. Given tremendous challenges, jazzahead delivered. I gave it high marks. "
Peter Schulze
You came to Bremen as a representative of International Jazz Day with whom jazzahead! had a strong cooperation this year. What in your opinion was the mutual benefit for IJD and jazzahead! "
– The interview was held by Peter Schulze,
Artistic Director jazzahead!
Jeff Levenson
The relationship between IJD and jazzahead - always understood and implied, due to their shared missions - got formalized, finally. Each organization has a style and and an approach with proven value. Each has certified its place in the global system. The cooperation was an initial opportunity to embrace the true potential of joining hands. I was impressed by the shared messaging and outreach. It reinforced my belief that the world is getting bigger and smaller at the same time. And that jazz - and music, in general - is a mighty agent for bringing us together. "