#Trade Fair: Canada will be the focus of jazzahead! 2020 — jazzahead!
#Trade Fair: Great response to the jazzahead! 2019
2. May 2019
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1. September 2019

#Trade Fair: Canada will be the focus of jazzahead! 2020

We are happy to announce that we are breaking new ground in the choice of next year’s partner country. The focus in the year of our double-anniversary will be on Canada, which becomes the first partner country from overseas. The Artistic Directors of jazzahead!, Ulrich Beckerhoff and Peter Schulze remark: „For jazzahead! it is very obvious for us to want to choose Canada for this new departure. There is a very strong, impressive and self-confident jazz scene there. Canadian jazz is a unique and diverse expression of different influences.“
In 2020 jazzahead! will be 15 years old, and for the tenth time the event will be accompanied by a festival focused on the culture of the partner country.