Live Panel #5: Spotlight on country scenes - GREECE — jazzahead!

Live Panel #5: Spotlight on country scenes – GREECE

11. December 2020
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18. February 2021
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18. February 2021

Live Panel #5: Spotlight on country scenes - GREECE

Let’s talk about Greece!
I n this jazzahead! live panel we will set the focus on the jazz scene in Greece that 2018 showcasing artist Petros Klampanis described as “full of muscial ability, creativity and enthusiasm” in an interview. The country is known for its rich cultural landscape but rather unknown for a significant and export-friendly jazz scene in an international context.
All the more reasons to have a closer look at the greek history of jazz, the festival scene, musicians to know and hear more about current developments of this southern European region.

Helen Kontos - Owner, Management & Booking (United World Music Management)
Tania Giannouli - Composer and pianist
moderated by Peter Schulze - jazzahead!

Editorial responsibility: Peter Schulze

Listen to Helen Kontos' Greek jazz collection and discover the exciting musical landscape of Greece:

Playlist on Youtube