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Partner Country

The 12th partner country of jazzahead! will be the Netherlands in 2024!

"Jazz from the Netherlands is a gracious and playful beast of many colours. For more than a century jazz’s traditional elements have been interpreted in a unique manner by Dutch musicians. In reaction to swing and bebop a strong avant-garde scene – Dutch impro – emerged in the 1960s. Artists started pushing the boundaries of conventional jazz and exploring new sounds and techniques. During the decades since, Dutch venues, festivals and conservatoires serve a vivid, cross-pollinating scene. Jazz artists exchange generously, being receptive to music from all over the world and other art forms. Their improvisation and experimentation permeate deep into compositional practice, its output being both challenging and gripping."


Partner country Netherlands

The partner country program is organized in cooperation Buma Cultuur and Performing Arts Fund NL,
with the support of VNJJ and BIMHUIS.

Partner counrtry at the trade fair

The partner country and its jazz scene will be presented at the fair, for example during these opportunities:

Stand and Lounge
The combined space of the partner country stand with the lounge which is adjacent to it are the most central presentation areas at the trade fair.
At jazzahead! there will also be 40 showcase concerts, from which 8 are is dedicated to the partner country.
Industry- and country-specific topics can be presented and discussed here. In the past, the programme ranged from book presentations, panels and talks to target-group-specific workshops.
For the official opening of jazzahead! trade fair, national and international guests are expected. On stage, official representatives of the partner countries (e.g. ambassadors, ministers, state secretaries) will open the trade fair together with the jazzahead! and representatives of Bremen, which is one of the German Länder in its own right.

Partner country in the Festival

Culture from the jazzahead! Partner country in Bremen

The Jazz country Netherland is the focus of next year's jazzahead!, whether in the context of the showcases in Messehalle 7 and the adjacent Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, in the CLUBNIGHT in Bremen's city center, or at special gala moments. The opening ceremony on Thursday at noon promises to be a brilliant start.


Choice of the partner country

Since 2011 jazzahead! presents an annually changing partner country in the scope of the fair, but also within a city-wide cultural program aimed at the public in Bremen & region. The partner country is chosen and invited by jazzahead!
The highest criterion is an exciting, in part still undiscovered jazz scene, which deserves greater international recognition. Another criterion is the culture of the country beyond jazz: in a city-wide cultural festival with regional partners (theaters, bookstores, museums, etc.), the (contemporary) cultural scene of the country is presented.

jazzahead! selects its partner countries, applications are not possible. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to project manager Sybille Kornitschky.

  • 2024Netherlands

  • 2023Germany

  • 2022Canada

  • 2019Norway

  • 2018Poland

  • 2017Finland

  • 2016Switzerland

  • 2015 France

  • 2014 Denmark

  • 2013 Israel

  • 2012 Spain

  • 2011 Turkey