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Partner Country

The 11th partner country of jazzahead! will be Germany in 2023!

The decision-makers around Kornitschky and the artistic directors Ulrich Beckerhoff and Peter Schulze are aware that this choice "would turn things upside down and entail changes in the process", according to the project manager. The principle of the showcases with their four program lines remains the same, but next year there will be co-productions with four other countries in order to continue to emphasize the internationality. These are the three neighboring countries France, Austria and the Netherlands (of which France was one of the main partner countries before) and the USA. Four musical personalities from Germany, who are well networked in the countries mentioned, build up their own formations around them - "the bands should be between four and eight people, otherwise there are no further requirements," explains Kornitschky: "Not them Well-known formations are then in the foreground, but something new is created!”
The jazzahead! 2023 of MESSE BREMEN will take place from Thursday, April 27th to Sunday, April 30th, 2023.


Partner country Germany

Partner counrtry at the trade fair

The partner country and its jazz scene will be presented at the fair, for example during these opportunities:

Stand and Lounge
The combined space of the partner country stand with the lounge which is adjacent to it are the most central presentation areas at the trade fair. The lounge has an area of around 95 square metres, the stand is usually around 50 square metres. What takes place there varies from country to country – but in general this is the place to bring together and to present the country's jazz scene. It also provides the ideal focal point for contact with the international jazz world which is present at jazzahead!
At jazzahead! there will also be 40 showcase concerts. The opening evening is dedicated to the partner country with eight short concerts. Bands playing here have applied in advance and been selected by international juries. 2023 there will be four co-production instead of eight partner country showcases, the German Jazz Expo showcases will remain part of the program.
Industry- and country-specific topics can be presented and discussed here. In the past, the programme ranged from book presentations, panels and talks to target-group-specific workshops.
For the official opening of jazzahead! trade fair, national and international guests are expected. On stage, official representatives of the partner countries (e.g. ambassadors, ministers, state secretaries) will open the trade fair together with the jazzahead! and representatives of Bremen, which is one of the German Länder in its own right.
Targeted discussions among participants from Germany and the partner country. These short talks are intended to strengthen bilateral trade relations between players from Germany and the respective partner country, and to facilitate the exchange of contacts and services in the jazz sector.

Partner country in the Festival

Culture from the jazzahead! Partner country in Bremen

The Jazz country Germany is the focus of this year's jazzahead!, whether in the context of the showcases in Messehalle 7 and the adjacent Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, in the CLUBNIGHT in Bremen's city center, at special gala moments at the big concert evening of the German Jazz Prize or the musical reading with Sebastian Koch in the Metropol Theater. The opening ceremony on Thursday at noon promises to be a brilliant start, with Till Brönner and Dieter Ilg as a duo and other guests from the German scene. The highlights of the program also include the premieres of the "Commissioned Works," four co-productions with artists from Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands and the USA. So, you can look forward to a partner country that promises a modern and perhaps surprising sound.

Arts and culture from Germany and the whole festival program:



Choice of the partner country

Since 2011 jazzahead! presents an annually changing partner country in the scope of the fair, but also within a city-wide cultural program aimed at the public in Bremen & region. The partner country is chosen and invited by jazzahead!
The highest criterion is an exciting, in part still undiscovered jazz scene, which deserves greater international recognition. Another criterion is the culture of the country beyond jazz: in a city-wide cultural festival with regional partners (theaters, bookstores, museums, etc.), the (contemporary) cultural scene of the country is presented.

jazzahead! selects its partner countries, applications are not possible. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to project manager Sybille Kornitschky.

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