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Press Releases

  • jazzahead! | 06.01.2022

    jazzahead! 2022: We’re back…and even bigger!

    With a host of new ideas, and a significantly larger hall with more exhibition space, jazzahead! is heading towards its next edition in spring this year. „We’re back – and ...

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    A new hall: MESSE BREMEN’s Hall 5 has more than double the previous surface area A new offering: Exhibitors can participate in shaping the trade fair programme through the "Exhibitor PLUS” package.

    With a host of new ideas, and a significantly larger hall with more exhibition space, jazzahead! is heading towards its next edition in spring this year. „We’re back – and the offering is even more attractive,“ says Sybille Kornitschky, who runs jazzahead! for MESSE BREMEN. The trade fair itself will take place from 28 April to 1 May 2022. The accompanying festival starts earlier, on 14 April. The partner country this time is Canada, and the trade fair will be held in hybrid form, which means both live AND digital. Kornitschky: „We have been planning for a hybrid concept since last summer, but what we look forward to the most is what actually happens on-site”.

    jazzahead! 2022’s strapline is, „together again“, distinguishing it from last year’s digital-only event. „We have taken the very best of that digital experience and refined it further,“ says Kornitschky. The size of the hall is more than doubled – Hall 5 has 10,300 square metres of space versus Hall 6’s 4,800m² – which offers opportunities to “redesign and reconfigure things“, she continues: „The way the hall is divided is materially different.“ Individual countries and regions are more closely linked to each other than was previously the case – „we can form clusters, one could say“, says Kornitschky. Why? „I firmly believe that the future lies in nurturing much stronger exchange between neighbouring regions and countries than was done before.“ The exhibition space is not only larger, but also more attractive, Kornitschky promises: „There will simply be much more going on than before.“

    The hybrid concept is of paramount importance here, not least because there is quite clear added value in it for both exhibitors and trade participants. Once again, there will be networking opportunities which extend well beyond the four days of the fair itself in the ‘matchmaking’ sessions, through the use of an event platform. In addition to the showcase concerts, the content of the programme for specialists will also be recorded this time; this means that those who opt for purely online participation will be able to interact effectively. „We have thought this through and designed it in a very coherent manner,” Kornitschky continues. “This all reflects our mission which, as ever, is to strengthen exchange and connectivity within the international jazz scene,“

    There is also an innovation in the showcase concerts this year: for the first time there will be four stages rather than three, which means that an audience of 1,000 to 1,200 people can be accommodated, says Kornitschky: „Instead of just one big room, we will have two big concert stages that we programme in parallel, which means less congestion in the audience areas.“ As usual, all of the concerts will be recorded – which means that people can watch afterwards online what they are unable to see live.

    An „Exhibitor PLUS“ package has been successfully introduced in 2021 to give exhibitors more visibility. Those who decide to have a stand at jazzahead! 2022 have the opportunity to book one of the limited packages and thus become part of the jazzahead! professional programme. The  programme will once again consist of a curated jazzahead! programme, but also another part curated by those exhibitors who enroll for the “PLUS” package. This offer is especially aimed at those who want to introduce the jazz scene or festival landscape of their country to an international audience. The closing date for booking for the „Exhibitor PLUS“ package will be Monday 31 January 2022.

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  • jazzahead! | 08.12.2021

    jazzahead! 2022: “Finally…Canada!”

    Bremen – all the dates are now in place and advance booking is open: a grand opening concert by Nova Scotia singer-songwriter Erin Costelo at the ‘Theater am Goetheplatz’ on Thursday, 14 ...

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    Advance Booking is now open

    Bremen – all the dates are now in place and advance booking is open: a grand opening concert by Nova Scotia singer-songwriter Erin Costelo at the ‘Theater am Goetheplatz’ on Thursday, 14 April will set the jazzahead! festival 2022 in motion. This year’s partner country is Canada. The main event, the jazz trade fair including CLUBNIGHT and the gala concert, will then take place from Thursday 28 April until Sunday, 1 May. jazzahead! is produced by MESSE BREMEN.

    „Finally…Canada“ says Sybille Kornitschky, who runs jazzahead! for MESSE BREMEN. ‘Finally’ because Canada was originally due to be presented in 2020, and then again in 2021, but these plans fell victim to the Corona pandemic – not once but twice. Whereas in 2021 there was a digital jazzahead!, the 2022 trade fair will take place as a hybrid event. This means that the international audience of jazz industry people will, to a significant extent, be able to follow the events on the internet. That said, the festival programme component of jazzahead! will only be available to those attending live and in person.

    „Especially now it is important that we formulate a clear offer,“ says Kornitschky. “So a key element of our programme is, as ever, a major gala concert. It will take place on Friday 29 April at concert hall ‘Die Glocke’. Laila Biali and Malika Tirolien will be performing a double bill, starting at 8 pm.

    For the opening concert on 14 April, jazzahead!’s artistic directors Uli Beckerhoff and Peter Schulze have also chosen a female artist, Nova Scotia singer-songwriter Erin Costelo. „With these three strong female voices we feel we are sending out a clear message,“ says Sybille Kornitschky.

    These three artists bear witness to the breadth and the depth of the Canadian music scene. Erin Costelo has often been compared to Nina Simone and Carole King, she has toured with Dr. John and Boz Scaggs and also played with Levon Helm (from „The Band“). The two artists appearing at the gala concert also stand for a concept of jazz which is both broad and inclusive: pianist/singer/songwriter Laila Biali has already performed once before at jazzahead!: her performance thrilled the audience at the showcase festival in 2016. Her music is in the tradition of the Canadian greats such as Diana Krall and Michael Bublé – but also of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. Influences from jazz, soul, blues, folk and pop combine in Laila Biali’s music in a way that is very natural. Malika Tirolien is best known internationally for her various collaborations, including Cirque du Soleil, Snarky Puppy and the Metropole Orkest. The singer/songwriter/producer is originally from Guadeloupe and is based in Montreal. Her music combines big emotions and a fresh perspective on different genres which stems from a deep understanding of jazz. Her voice has been described as „always sublime“.

    jazzahead! is the trade fair for jazz. It has been held at MESSE BREMEN since 2006 and is now regarded as the world’s largest gathering for the jazz scene. One of the features of jazzahead! is that a city-wide music and cultural programme is formulated with a host of cooperation partners, in a way that that can reach people and have an impact throughout the city. As part of the trade fair and festival, a partner country is presented –and in 2022 Canada will become the first jazzahead! partner country from the other side of the Atlantic.

    jazzahead! 2022 – including the culture festival – will take place from Thursday 14 April to Sunday 1 May 2022. During these two weeks, the city of Bremen will be placing a spotlight on international jazz – and on Canadian culture. The programme also includes the popular jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT, which will take place on Saturday 30 April 2022 and will feature a host of artists in a wide variety of venues.

    Tickets for the festival opening and for the gala concert are available from Nordwest Ticket at their advance booking offices or by calling +49 421 – 36 36 36 or via the festival’s own webshop. or online at

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  • jazzahead! | 07.12.2021

    jazzahead! 2022: „Endlich Kanada“

    Die Planung steht, der Vorverkauf hat begonnen: Mit dem großen Eröffnungskonzert von Erin Costelo im Theater am Goetheplatz startet am Donnerstag, 14. April das Festival der jazzahead!, das in ...

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    Der Vorverkauf hat begonnen – Festival-Eröffnung am 14. April mit Erin Costelo

    Die Planung steht, der Vorverkauf hat begonnen: Mit dem großen Eröffnungskonzert von Erin Costelo im Theater am Goetheplatz startet am Donnerstag, 14. April das Festival der jazzahead!, das in diesem Jahr Kanada als Partnerland hat. Die Kern-Veranstaltung, die Messe samt CLUBNIGHT und Galakonzert, findet dann von Donnerstag, 28. April bis Sonntag, 1. Mai statt. Die jazzahead! ist eine Veranstaltung der MESSE BREMEN.

    „Endlich Kanada“, sagt Sybille Kornitschky, die Projektleiterin der jazzahead! bei der MESSE BREMEN  – denn ursprünglich sollte Kanada erst 2020, dann 2021 präsentiert werden. Diese Planung fiel jeweils der Corona-Pandemie zum Opfer. Gab es im Vorjahr immerhin eine digitale jazzahead!, so soll die Messe 2022 als hybride Veranstaltung stattfinden. Das bedeutet, dass sie für das internationale Fachpublikum zu weiten Teilen auch im Internet verfolgt werden kann. Das reine Festival-Programm ist dagegen ausschließlich live zu erleben.

    „Gerade jetzt ist es wichtig, ein klares Angebot zu formulieren“, sagt Kornitschky. Ein ganz wesentlicher Punkt dabei ist erneut ein großes Galakonzert, das am Freitag, 29. April in der Glocke stattfinden wird. Auftreten werden dann ab 20 Uhr in Form eines Doppelkonzerts Laila Biali und Malika Tirolien. Für das Auftaktkonzert haben sich die künstlerischen Leiter Uli Beckerhoff und Peter Schulze mit Erin Costelo ebenfalls für eine Künstlerin entschieden. „Mit diesen drei starken Frauenstimmen wollen wir bewusst ein Zeichen setzen“, sagt Sybille Kornitschky. 

    Alle drei Künstlerinnen stehen für die große Bandbreite der kanadischen Musikszene. Erin Costelo wurde des Öfteren mit Nina Simone oder Carole King verglichen, tourte mit Dr. John und Boz Scaggs und spielte mit Levon Helm („The Band“). Auch die Künstlerinnen des Galakonzerts stehen für einen erweiterten Jazz-Begriff: Die Pianistin, Sängerin und Songwriterin Laila Biali war bereits einmal bei der jazzahead!, sie begeisterte im Jahre 2016 das Publikum im Showcase-Festival. Ihre Musik steht in der Tradition verschiedener kanadischer Größen wie Diana Krall und Michael Bublé, aber auch Joni Mitchell oder Leonard Cohen. Die Einflüsse aus Jazz, Soul, Blues, Folk und Pop verbinden sich in ihrer Musik auf ganz natürliche Weise. Malika Tirolien wiederum ist vor allem durch ihre verschiedenen Kollaborationen international bekannt, unter anderem mit dem Cirque du Soleil, Snarky Puppy oder dem Metropole Orchestra. Die Sängerin, Songwriterin und Produzentin stammt aus Guadeloupe und lebt in Montreal. Ihre Musik verbindet große Emotionen und einen neuen Blick auf verschiedene Genres mit einem tiefen Verständnis von Jazz. Ihre Stimme wird gerne als „erhaben“ beschrieben.

    Die jazzahead! ist die Fachmesse für Jazz, die seit 2006 in der MESSE BREMEN durchgeführt wird und die heute als weltgrößter Branchentreff der Jazz-Szene gilt. Eines der Merkmale der jazzahead! ist, dass mit zahlreichen Kooperationspartnern ein stadtweites Musik- und Kulturprogramm entwickelt wird, das in die ganze Stadt ausstrahlt. Im Rahmen von Fachmesse und Festival wird ein jährlich wechselndes Partnerland vorgestellt – dieses Mal ist es mit Kanada erstmals ein Land aus Übersee. 

    Die jazzahead! 2022 findet inklusive Festival von Donnerstag, 14. April bis Sonntag, 1. Mai 2022 statt. Die Stadt Bremen steht in diesen beiden Wochen somit ganz im Zeichen des internationalen Jazz – und der kanadischen Kultur. Zum Programm gehört auch wieder die beliebte jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT, die dieses Mal am Sonnabend, 30. April 2022 stattfindet und in der zahlreiche Künstler:innen in den verschiedensten Spielstätten auftreten.

    Karten für die Festivaleröffnung und das Galakonzert gibt es bei Nordwest Ticket in den Vorverkaufsstellen oder unter Telefon 0421 – 36 36 36 sowie über den eigenen Webshop. Außerdem sind die Karten beim Ticket-Service in der Glocke (0421 – 33 66 99), im Pressehaus des Weser-Kurier, in allen regionalen Zeitungshäusern oder online unter erhältlich.

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  • jazzahead! | 15.09.2021

    Registration now open for jazzahead! 2022

    Registration now open for jazzahead! 2022 The run-up to jazzahead! 2022 has started: trade participants can register as of now for the 16th edition of the world’s largest international gathering for ...

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    The Deutscher Jazzpreis (German Jazz Prize) 2022 ceremony will be held in Bremen on the evening before the international trade fair opens

    Registration now open for jazzahead! 2022

    The run-up to jazzahead! 2022 has started: trade participants can register as of now for the 16th edition of the world’s largest international gathering for the jazz sector at MESSE BREMEN. For participants who register before Monday 18 October 2021, early bird discounts are available. The application round has also opened for musicians/bands, who can apply now for one of the 40 slots in the jazzahead! 2022 showcases. jazzahead! 2022 will have the motto „together again“, and will run from Thursday 28 April to Sunday 1 May 2022. Registrations and showcase applications can be made via the jazzahead! website.

    Showcase applicants: consultation session to help with the application process
    Bands from Europe, Germany and outside of Europe can now apply for the showcases in the European Jazz Meeting, the German Jazz Expo and the Overseas Night respectively. Applications need to be made before Thursday, 4 November 2021. The original selection for the Canadian Night remains in place. Sybille Kornitschky, who runs jazzahead! for MESSE BREMEN says: „We are pleased to announce that following the postponement of Canada’s participation as partner country in both 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, Canada can now, finally, present a selection of acts from its large and musically very diverse scene.“

    Applications to participate in the showcases, submitted from all over the world, will be selected by four international juries appointed by jazzahead! and will be announced in mid-December. Musicians can find information on the selection criteria and application modalities on the website. Questions about the application process, on the other hand, can be addressed at a special dedicated „Showcase Application“ session to be held via Zoom on Thursday, 14 October at 4 p.m. (CET).

    jazzahead! 2022: a face-to-face event in Bremen, but with an online option
    „We are so much looking forward to an event in Bremen where people will meet again, live and in colour!“ says Kornitschky. For those who cannot make the journey to Bremen, however, there will be the option to participate online. In addition, the jazzahead! team has set aside more space, in order to be prepared for continuing restrictions due to Corona measures. There will be more halls in Bremen in 2022, four concert stages instead of three, and a large circus tent marquee.

    A new feature is that day registration for trade participants and registration for the online-only offer of the hybrid format will have a later start date, Monday, 8 November. Parts of the conference programme will again be recorded in 2022, in order that all online registrants can also participate in the programme. This will give participants on-site the opportunity to experience panels and sessions

    more intensively, even after the fair. The conference part of the trade fair will consist of the professional programme curated by jazzahead! and the exhibitors‘ sessions. Future-oriented topics and current discussions, especially for organisers and musicians, will once again be the main focus. Particular attention will be paid to the challenges for the scene that have changed as a result of the pandemic, always with a focus on solution-oriented approaches.

    German Jazz Prize ceremony to be held in Bremen
    On the night before the opening of the jazzahead! 2022 trade fair, the Deutscher Jazzpreis (German Jazz Prize) ceremony will be held on Wednesday, 27 April 2022. „With the German Jazz Prize we not only want to bring the most outstanding national and international musicians into the spotlight, our aim is to draw attention to the scene as a whole,“ said Tina Sikorski, Managing Director of Initiative Musik. The Deutscher Jazzpreis was instigated in 2020 by the Minister of State for Culture, Prof. Monika Grütters, the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Culture and the Media, to celebrate the innovative strength of Jazz Made in Germany in all its facets. As a centrally funded institution acting for and on behalf of the Federal Government, Initiative Musik is entrusted with delivering and running the Deutscher Jazzpreis.

    „After the successful premiere in 2021 with the main event in Hamburg as well as broadcasts from Munich, Berlin and Mannheim, we are now delighted to be able to celebrate the 2022 award ceremony on the eve of jazzahead! in Bremen – at one of the pivotal events of the international jazz scene,“ says Sikorski. Peter Schulze, one of the two artistic directors of jazzahead!, adds: „The fact that the German Jazz Award will be presented at jazzahead! will give a boost to the internationalisation of jazz from Germany, for the reason that the most influential and active international participants in the scene will be with us and will experience it live.“ The German Jazz Prize 2022 will open for applications from mid-October.

    More info from www.jazzahead.en

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  • jazzahead! | 04.05.2021

    jazzahead! 2021: an event which has given an impetus to the jazz scene

    Exhibitors expressed their satisfaction, trade participants their enthusiasm, artists said how rewarding they had found it: there has been consistently positive feedback and much praise from all sides for jazzahead! ...

    More information

    902 participants from 50 nations exchanging ideas digitally over four days

    Exhibitors expressed their satisfaction, trade participants their enthusiasm, artists said how rewarding they had found it: there has been consistently positive feedback and much praise from all sides for jazzahead! digital 2021, which took place online for the first time under the motto „Close together from afar“.

    In total, 902 participants from 50 nations and 90 exhibitors from 41 countries took part in the digital jazz trade fair from Thursday 29 April to Sunday 2 May 2021. „It was a huge challenge and demanded a lot of courage for us to ensure that jazzahead! would work digitally – this is an event which absolutely thrives on in-person meetings,“ said Hans Peter Schneider, founder of the industry gathering and managing director of M3B GmbH which also owns MESSE BREMEN. „And courageous is exactly what we have been. The fact that we were able to put this event on at all has been the result of support from both the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and from Initiative Musik.“

    Sybille Kornitschky who runs jazzahead! for MESSE BREMEN talks about the success of the event: „This has certainly been one of the most important editions of jazzahead!. It felt absolutely vital that we should be offering a platform for the jazz scene in these difficult times. All in all, participants told us how extremely grateful and how happy they were that jazzahead! was able to take place this year,“ she reports. „The feedback we had about the professional programme was in essence that people had found it both stimulating and useful.“ The number of participants in sessions and panels was in fact significantly higher than in previous years. „And that for sure is one positive side-effect of holding the event in digital form: it has allowed a broader base of participants,“ Kornitschky concludes.

    For all registered participants, networking continues after jazzahead!

    The four-day trade fair with its showcase concerts may be over, but networking continues for all registered participants via the digital platform until the end of July. The organisers of the industry gathering want to adhere to a year-round concept, and to continue to offer online events and digital matchmaking sessions. The showcase concerts, popular as ever, can initially only be viewed by registered trade participants. These streams will be available to the general public on the jazzahead! website from 21 June.

    Dates set for 2022

    And no sooner is one jazzahead! over than attention switches to the next one. The dates for the 16th edition of the industry gathering are already fixed: 28 April to 1 May 2022. Until then, the jazzahead! team will have as one of its focus areas the continuing preparations for the long-awaited appearance of Canada as partner country, originally scheduled for 2020.

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    About jazzahead!

    jazzahead!, launched in 2006, is the largest jazz trade fair in the world. And whereas it has been growing in size every year, this meeting place for the worldwide jazz industry is also the ”family gathering” for jazz; it has never lost its original spirit of fellowship and fun. The 40 showcase concerts during the trade fair, and the jazzahead! Cultural Festival are also aimed at the wider public. Since 2011, this festival, co-created with some 60 cooperation partners, presents the cultural scene of a partner country – there is a different one every year – plus bands from all over the world. These bands perform at the CLUBNIGHT in 30 venues in Bremen. Since 2015, jazzahead! has been funded by the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Culture and the Media. In 2019, jazzahead! was awarded European Culture Brand of the Year.

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