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27 - 29 April 2023

Jury selected program

"Showcases" are the 30- to 45-minute short concerts at jazzahead! which are open to the general public and at the same time part of the trade fair. 40 jazz highlights and current formations from all over the world can be experienced on three days and nights on the stages of Hall 7 and the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof.

jazzahead! is not a regular festival for which bands are booked, but an international industry get-together with an integrated showcase festival. Bands that play one of the 40 showcase concerts have previously applied and are selected by international expert juries.

Showcase Festival 2023
36 bands from Germany, Europe and overseas as well as the partner country will be chosen from all applications by the international juries and will be invited to play their Showcase concert live in Bremen.
In 2023, the Showcase Festival consists of:

27 - 29 April 2023 Partner Country Germany
27 - 29 April 2023 European Showcases
27 - 29 April 2023 German Jazz Expo and Overseas Showcases

„The showcase has been a great chance for David Helbock and his colleagues and we succeded in getting a number of promoters and festivals to take interest in the band."

Eva Mikusch, kunst+


Line Up

36 Bands

These bands play in the upcoming jazzahead! showcase program. Further information on our showcasing bands and the date and time of their performances can be found in our program calendar.

Showcase Modules 2023

Partner Country Germany

4 Commissioned Works
27 - 29 April 2023

  • formations from the partner country Germany
  • in cooperation with musicians from France, the Netherlands, Austria and the USA

European Showcases

16 Showcases
27 - 29 April 2023

  • Formations from Europe
  • majority of band members have their residence within Europe; except Germany and Canada

German Jazz Expo

8 Showcases
27 - 29 April 2023

  • for formations from Germany
  • majority of the band members are resident in Germany

Overseas Showcases

8 Showcases
27 - 29 April 2023

  • for formations from overseas / outside Europe
  • majority of the band members are resident outside of Europe

The assignment of the modules European and Overseas is geographically based - not political. Bands from Africa, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia or Asia are bidding on the Overseas module. Bands / artists from Turkey and Russia are applying for the European Showcases


Geographical map for orientation which countries should apply for the European Showcases..


The showcase application phase for jazzahead! 2023 has endet on 27th October, 2022. We will announce the selection of bands in January 2023.

Of course, you still have the opportunity to attend jazzahead! 2023 and make use of the great networking possibilities the event offers.
To register as a (co-)exhibitor or as a professional participant see this information page.
Here you can read all terms and conditions for the showcases:

Preconditions jazzahead! Showcases

If you have questions, you can contact Insa Stanke.

Jury & Criteria for band selection

All information about the jury and the respective selection criteria

The selection of jazzahead! showcase bands are held by annually changing expert juries. Each of the four showcase modules has its own jury team with at least seven jury members, festival and program directors from the international jazz scene.

The selection process consists of three phases: Firstly, the individual listening of all applications by the jury members and their online voting. This results in a short list of bands/artists. These arists/bands are then evaluated by different criteria via a points system. The third voting session will be hold with all jury members via telephone conference where the final program of the showcases will be discussed and decided.

Criteria for the first voting session
What counts: the main criteria for selection are musical quality and whether the band/artists is/are able to perform on an international level. Age, gender and origin are of no importance. The criteria for the second voting session will be communicated to the jury members with the short list of the bands - the result of this first voting session.

Second voting session
As for the first voting session now, for the second voting session, other criteria should be taken into account. :
  • Instrumentation
  • Country of origin (does not apply for GJE and the night of the partner country)
  • Gender

Also considered is the probability that the band will present exactly the line-up stated in the application and that the final program should present a wide stylistic range.

Uli Beckerhoff / jazzahead! / DE
Sophie Blussé / Music Meeting Festival / NL
Jon Carvell / Wigmore Hall / UK
Clémence Creff / Kultur I lx / LX
Harun İzer / İstanbul Jazz Festival / TR
Karolina Juzwa / Wytwornia Foundation / Summer Academy Lodz / PL
Kuratorium Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige (Stefan Festini Cucco, Roberto Tubaro, Max von Pretz) / IT
Peter Schulze / jazzahead ! / DE
Murat Sezgi / Bozcaada Jazz Festival / TR
Igor Vida / Na´Conxypan civic association / SL


Raluca Baicu / North Sea Round Town / NL
Uli Beckerhoff / jazzahead! / DE
Antoine Bos / AJC / FR
Loredana Franza / Semente Cultural Productions / SE
Clemens Radauer / Jazzfestival Saalfelden / AT
Jörg Schumacher / Goethe Institut New York / USA


Hadley Agrez / Melbourne Jazz Festival / AU
Carlos Branco / Porto Alegre Jazz Festival / BR
Jan Ole Otnæs / Nasjonal jazzscene / NO
Miguel Ramirez / Canarias Jazz & Mas Festival / ES
Jürgen Schlensog / Jazz Open Stuttgart / DE
Peter Schulze / jazzahead! / DE
Scott Thomson / Guelph Jazz Festival / CA


How you can see the showcase concerts live

With a jazzahead! registration you can see the showcases.
We are happy to announce that concert tickets for the showcases will also be available for non-registered visitors! Ticket sale has started!

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