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Showcasing Bands 2021: European Jazz Meeting (Part 4)

18. March 2021
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12. March 2021
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7. October 2020

jazzahead! and International jazz Day Germany have teamed up to present you the jazzahead! 2021 showcasing artist even before the event in articles, interviews and more.

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet (NL)

Sun-Mi Hong is a South Korean jazz musician living in the Netherlands.
Born and raised in In-Cheon, Korea, Sun-Mi's recent years in Amsterdam have given the drummer a unique perspective on life.
With a blend of rooted groove combined with well-tempered sounds, Sun-Mi has established a firm place for herself in the Dutch jazz scene. By approaching the moment in a somewhat meditative manner, she achieves the ability to bring something completely original to the podium.
Sun-Mi's style is marked by dramatic and emotional variations, from sensitivity and minimalism to ferocity and groove.
What can listeners expect from her award-winning quintet? "A roller coaster of emotion and energy." The quintet's album will be released March 20 (Zennez Record). Sun-Mi is also artist in residence at the Amersfoort Jazz Festival.

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Synesthetic 4 (AT)

Synesthetic 4 is a jazz quartet from Austria.
The quartet Synesthetic 4 emphasizes dynamic precision with an inimitable narrative touch. Its repertoire ranges from melodic to manic and encompasses a wide variety of uncolored timbres. The driving force behind this formation is renowned clarinetist Vincent Pongracz, who has been blending jazz and hip-hop with the Synesthetic Octet for many years, employing new music tones and Dadaist weirdness. By largely eschewing musical embellishments, Synesthetic 4 is far less eclectic in its approach than the Octet. The audience can expect a captivating experience in which musical reduction is pushed to the maximum.
Vincent Pongrácz (cl), Peter Rom (g), Manuel Mayr (b), Andreas Lettner (dr)

Théo Ceccaldi Trio (FR)

Théo Ceccaldi is a French jazz musician.
The trio of French violinist Théo Ceccaldi with his brother Valentin (cello) and Guillaume Aknine (guitar) presents the new album "Django".
Théo Ceccaldi, named successively French Musician of the Year by Jazz Magazine and then Revelation of the Year by Victoires du Jazz, has established himself as a unique voice on the new European jazz scene.
He is a co-founder of the bubbling Orléans collective Tricollectif and actively participates in a number of formations, including Loving Suite for Birdy So with Elise Caron, Tribute to Lucienne Boyer with the Grand Orchestre du Tricot, and drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq's trio In Love With. Since 2014, Théo Ceccaldi has been a member of Olivier Benoit's ONJ, the string quartet iXi, Daniel Erdmann's European trio Velvet Revolution and Joëlle Léandre's tentet.

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Torun Eriksen (NO)

Torun Eriksen is a Norwegian singer.
In 1998 she moved to Oslo and enrolled at the Norwegian Institute for Stage and Studio (NISS). At that time she began her collaboration with bassist Kjetil Dalland. Bugge Wesseltoft, after accidentally discovering one of her songs, offered her to release an album on his label Jazzland Recordings: "Glittercard", Torun's debut album (2003).
This was followed by the release of "Prayers and Observations" in 2006 and "Passage" (Emarcy Records) in 2010. After the release of the covers album "Visits" (Emarcy Records) in 2013, Torun returned to Jazzland Recordings with "Grand White Silk" (2016).
Torun Eriksen studied music at Skien High School in Norway and later attended the Norwegian Institute for Stage and Studio (NISS) in Oslo.

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