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Showcasing Bands 2021: German Jazz Expo (Part 2)

18. February 2021
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17. February 2021
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11. December 2020

jazzahead! and International jazz Day Germany have teamed up to present you the jazzahead! 2021 showcasing artist even before the event in articles, interviews and more.


Stefan Karl Schmid (sax) and Philipp Brämswig (git) have been continuously pursuing a common musical vision for several years, which they realize with bite and verve in various projects. Already at their first musical meeting in 2006 they sensed the enormous potential and finally found together in a "working band" in Cologne after various stations scattered around the globe.
Coming from a contemporary jazz background, their playing is characterized by an extraordinary sensitivity and sensual power, in addition to technical virtuosity. The clear, song-like themes of their compositions are countered by rhythmically always surprising movements and naturally flow into extended improvisations. Decisive influence is exerted by the congenial partners David Helm (b) and Fabian Arends (dr), whose vibrant interaction captivates and thus allows the listener to become part of the magic of the moment.

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The True Harry Nulz (DE)

"The True Harry Nulz" merges the trio "Edi Nulz", founded in Graz, with the Swiss formation "The Great Harry Hillman". Both bands maintain a long-lasting, intensive musical work:
Nils Fischer (bcl), Siegmar Brecher (bcl), Julian Adam Pajzs (g), David Koch (g), Samuel Huwyler (eb), Valentin Schuster (dr), Dominik Mahnig (dr).
The attraction lies in the doubling of the instruments, resulting in a kind of "orchestral nirvana jazz", performed with a lot of mutual respect, fire and group consciousness. The instrumentation of two bass clarinets/saxophones, two guitars, two drums and an electric bass promises sophisticated arrangements, unison stereo effects and improvisational outbursts. Both bands contribute music composed especially for the septet.
The band was founded in 2017 and won the Swiss "BeJazz Transnational" competition for transnational formations.

Tilo Weber Quartet "Four Fauns" (DE)

Since Berlin drummer and composer Tilo Weber established the acoustic quartet "Four Fauns", they have managed to captivate with transparency and grace. With Clarinetist Claudio Puntin, Trumpeter Richard Koch, and Bassist James Banner, Weber transports music through the centuries and into modernity, reimagining the Renaissance through his own distinctive lens.
Tilo Weber studied percussion at the Jazz Institute Berlin with Prof. John Hollenbeck from 2009 to 2014 and composition with Prof. Ruta Paidere at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg from 2015 to 2017.
As an active part of Berlin's jazz scene, Weber unites improvisation with composition, moving in free music as well as in the indie pop scene. Collaborations with Greg Cohen, Peter Brötzmann, Rudi Mahall, Chris Dahlgren, Tobias Siebert and the NDR Bigband have taken him to national (including JazzBaltica Festival) and international festivals of numerous genres.

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Tobias Meinhart - BERLIN PEOPLE(DE)

Tobias Meinhart manages to balance New York dreams and German roots on his fantastic new album "Berlin People".
Tobias Meinhart - tenor saxophone; Kurt Rosenwinkel - guitar; Tom Berkmann - bass; Ludwig Hornung - piano; Mathias Ruppnig - drums
For his new album "Berlin People" he set himself the task to connect the music cultures of New York City and Germany with each other. The recording was made with a band consisting of German colleagues and an American jazz guitarist: the great Kurt Rosenwinkel.
Tobias Meinhart lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to freelancing musically in New York City and Europe, he leads his own quintet and is a member of the Composer's Collective Brooklyn Aliens. He performs regularly at prestigious New York jazz clubs such as the Jazz Gallery, Blue Note, Birdland and many other venues.

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