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17. April · 8 PM · live stream from Theater Bremen

with Karsten Günther (p) & Stephan Schrader (vcl)

The S-8 evening at Filmfest Bremen is a cross-disciplinary experiment: film, language and music play and run partly with, partly against each other and merge into a surprising unity. 11 teams present their films and are accompanied live by musicians Karsten Günther (piano) and Stephan Schrader (cello), among others.
Karsten Günther is a Bremen-based composer, pianist and music producer. He writes mainly film music and has collaborated with renowned filmmakers. In pop music he composed and produced for and with Mr President, Dirk Busch, Nino di Angelo, Milva, Carolyn Mas.
The versatility of cellist Stephan Schrader (member of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen) is evident in various solo projects such as CELLO-LOOP. In collaboration with actors, dancers, a clown and others, he is constantly involved in creative new productions.
For each film there is a text (poetry or prose), which was developed for the project and which is spoken live to the projection by the author.

In cooperation with Filmfest Bremen: This is the first year of a cooperation between jazzahead! and Filmfest Bremen - the beginning of a beautiful combination of music, film and literature.

Line-Up: Karsten Günther (p) & Stephan Schrader (vcl)