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29. April 2023

Felix Schlarmanns “Treehouse” (NL)

“A Tree House means adventure,” says Amsterdam-based German drummer Felix Schlarmann. “Security, memories of carefree childhood days. The detached location […]
29. April 2023


“Tremendously exciting music, formed in filigree fragility and powerful, vibrant sensitivity” (Michael Scheiner/Mittelbayerische). UASSYN, Tapiwa Svosve (alto saxophone); Silvan Jeger […]
29. April 2023

Kalnein & Helling Unit “ALPINE AIR” (AT)

The co-leaders of the newly-formed ALPINE AIR, saxophonist Heinrich von Kalnein and trumpeter Jakob Helling, describe this Austrian-German group as […]
29. April 2023

Olga Reznichenko (DE)

Pianist and composer Olga Reznichenko (*1989) founded her current trio with Lorenz Heigenhuber and Maximilian Stadtfeld in Leipzig in 2018. […]
29. April 2023

Purple is the Color (AT/CZ)

Purple is the Color. Red is the heart. Blue is the brain. Purple is the Balance. And of course, you […]
29. April 2023

Alex Koo (BE)

“Belgium is too small for pianist Alex Koo” (De Tijd). “Stunningly original” (Downbeat). The Belgian/Japanese pianist/composer’s album “Appleblueseagreen” with Ralph […]
29. April 2023

Yessaï Karapetian (FR)

French-Armenian pianist Yessaï Karapetian, (b. Yerevan 1993) grew up in Marseille and is based in Paris. Winner of two DownBeat […]
29. April 2023

Jussi Reijonen: Three Seconds | Kolme Toista (US/NL)

Oud and guitar player Jussi Reijonen’s transcultural five-part suite “Three Seconds | Kolme Toista” has been heralded as one of […]
29. April 2023

The Litany of the Peaks (FR)

The Paris-based trio La Litanie des Cimes (The Litany of the Peaks) was formed in 2019 by violinist Clément Janinet […]