#PabloHeld Archives — jazzahead!
7. September 2020


Pablo Held Investigates is a series of intense interviews Pablo holds since two years with mainly fellow musicians who had or still have an impact on his own music and who he simply is interested in. Guitarist Bill Frisell is such a personality. In more than two hours he wisely reflects on his own career and the many facets of music he has been involved in to date.
17. August 2020


Musician and composer Pablo Held is not only the first guest of our very own jazzahead! podcast - he is also an interviewer and podcast maker himself. We want to share on of his shows with you and have chosen the epsiode with Norma Winston. jazzahead! and Norma Winston do have a strong connection from the beginning and she is also one of the jazzahead! SKODA awardees.
14. August 2020

jazzahead! Podcast #1 Pablo Held

Curiosity is what leads him… In this first episode of our new jazzahead! podcast, Peter Schulze of the artistic direction team of jazzahead! interviews German pianist and composer Pablo Held. Held is not only a renowned musician but also has his own podcast series where he leads the interviews. What better way to start with our new podcast then to interview the interviewer. Listen to Pablo Held talk about his comfort zone, what can happen when you leave it. About explorations and albums that have influenced him, his musical upbringing, teachers and family. And of course his experiences at jazzahead!, where he played showcases with his trio in 2010 and 2016.