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22. September 2020
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26. October 2020

Tin Men and the Telephone


Tin Men and the Telephonee“

30 April · 8 PM · live stream from Amsterdam

Tin Men and The Telephone, the Amsterdam-based project of pianist Tony Roe, offer a unique, virtual live concert through Zoom. You are part of the show through their custom-made app: Tinmendo. Join them on a journey through space to save what’s left of humanity.
The band presents the GREATEST show - Global Relocation of Evolved Apes Towards Exoplanet Suitable for Terraformation: a new immersive multimedia performance that combines improvised music, visuals, and audience participation to address the very timely topic of climate change in a uniquely interactive, fun and thought-provoking way. In the (very) near future, the climate crisis has escalated, and the time has come for humanity to leave planet Earth. A new, nearly inhabitable planet has been discovered, and you and your fellow audience members are the chosen few to find themselves on board a space ship heading towards this new home. As you travel through space, you must collaborate to make a plan to warm up your new home and enjoy the live in-flight entertainment by Tin Men and the Telephone.

Line-Up:Tony Roe (p), Pat Cleaver (b), Bobby Petrov (dr)