UKRAINE as first time exhibitor at jazzahead! 2022 — jazzahead!

UKRAINE as first time exhibitor at jazzahead! 2022

25. March 2022
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3. March 2022
30. March 2022

UKRAINE as first time exhibitor at jazzahead! 2022

At the upcoming jazzahead! Ukraine will be represented with a booth for the first time. This project has been in planning for a long time and especially in the current situation we are happy to hold on to these plans with joint forces. .
We have received this call below from our partner, the Ukrainian Cultural Institute. It is important for us to pass it on to the public. .
From our point of view, the power of art and culture is the key to dialogue, intercultural exchange and ultimately a cornerstone for peace.

How you can HELP Ukraine. Our team keeps receiving hundreds of requests and inquiries on how to help Ukraine. The most important things we ask you to do right now are:

• Engage Ukrainian artists in your programmes – concerts, festivals, art residences etc.:
1. As far as many of Ukrainian musicians are mobilized, please, contact and engage Ukrainians abroad. The list of Ukrainian musicians, links and contacts are provided here.

2. Promote Ukrainian jazz music on TV, radio and other media channels:
Jazz from Ukraine” – Spotify music list selected from the Music Catalogue of Ukrainian Institute
Am I Jazz? Ukrainian Showcase Program produced in cooperation with Ukrainian Institute
Online concert Svoi.Korinni by indigenous musicians of Ukraine - Modern Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian artists performed at the online concert "Svoi.Korinni"
Jazz instrumental piano music: Pokaz Trio – live performance concert - Leopolis Jazz Fest ‘2019
Jazz Kolo. New Ukrainian Jazz Standards produced by Jazz Kolo festival
Jazz Kolo. Jazz sound of Ukrainian classics
Jazz Kolo. Ukrainian Jazz Melody