Warning: Expo Guide S.C und EHS, Exhibitor Housing Services — jazzahead!
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20. May 2019
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4. September 2019

Warning: Expo Guide S.C und EHS, Exhibitor Housing Services

In the past years, our exhibitors have repeatedly been contacted via mail by a company named „EXPO GUIDE S.C.”. Please do not answer their data request! EXPO GUIDE sends out this offer to a number of different events and the respective exhibitors. We would like to point out that we are in no way affiliated with EXPO GUIDE S.C. The brand name “jazzahead!” was used without our knowledge or consent for these mailings.

In case you receive mail from EXPO GUIDE S.C, we advise you to disregard and discard it. If you have already signed the offer and by doing so have entered a contract, we strongly suggest that you contest the validity of the contest. The information sheet from the AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) contains more information and a sample reply that you can use to respond to an letter such as that from Expo Guide.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, we want to warn you against EHS, Exhibitors Housing Services. Our exhibitors have been contacted by directly with special hotel deals by this company. After the booking they charge unreasonable service fees, wrong location details and non-cancable contracts. We are in no way in contact or affiliated with this company and discourage you to follow their offers. If you want to be sure of a safe and by jazzahead! approved hotel booking, please use the hotel booking form.