Showcase "Improvisation & Jazz for Children"

11:00 - 12:30
For the first time, jazzahead! also showcases concerts around in the framework of "improvisation & jazz for children". These showcases are aimed at jazz musicians, music mediators, music teachers and students, as well as children at kindergarten and primary school age. A panel of experts has selected three projects from all applicants for this module, which will be presented in 20-minute interactive concerts. IN GERMAN.

Pepe & Speedy: Attention, get set, go! is the motto when Speedy picks up his guitar. Pepe brings along is luggage full of instruments - what kind of sounds are hiding in there? Speedy plays with Pepe, Pepe plays with Speedy: That’s the story
Line-Up: Christoph Pepe Auer (ts, cl, pepephon), Thomas Mauerhofer (g)

Das verrückte Jazzkonzert: There is a saxophonist called Andi. Andi had the idea to found a jazz band and give a concert for children. But often things do not go as planned...
Line-Up: Andreas See (ts), Gerd Rahstorfer (tpt), Vilkka Wahl (g), Martin Gasselsberger (p), James Hornsby (db), Erwin Drescher (dr)

Jazz mit Kick: "Why aren’t there any music world champions?!" This is the question often asked by "Melody" and "Rhythm", who live in the wonderful musical world. It is also the accusation of their cheeky friends from the sports world, that something so great as a Soccer World Cup is not possible in the music world anyway – of course, these two will not take that.
Line-Up: Anne Weber-Krüger (Moderation), Kirsi Schubert (Moderation), Sabine Kühlich (vocals), Laia Genc (p), Ryan Carniaux (tpt), Markus Braun (db), Oliver Rehmann (dr)

Visiting the concerts is free of charge and is made possible by the friendly support of Dataport.
In a subsequent workshop the concepts of the concert formats are explained. Participant can get a training certificate.

The showcase format is organized by jazzahead! in cooperation with its cooperation partners Dataport, Union Deutscher Jazzmusiker, „Jazz und Improvisierte Musik in die Schule!“, Musikland Niedersachsen gGmbH, Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Landesinstitut für Schule Bremen.