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Hybrid Business |  Co-Creating the Next Normal in Live Events, Conferences and Business Networking

Nationwide Study of Clubs by Initiative Musik – The social, artistic and cultural significance of music venues in Germany
20. Juli 2021
29. Juli 2021

Hybrid Business | Co-Creating the Next Normal in Live Events, Conferences and Business Networking

Co-Creating the Next Normal in Live Events, Conferences and Business Networking. Best Practise Examples and Knowledge Exchange on the Opportunities of Going Hybrid with Future Live Events and Professional Networking

Let’s be honest. Most parts of the Creative Industries community were less than prepared - or willing - to move their business routines into the digital realm. While being literally forced to adapt - in this case mostly due to the pandemic and the shutdown of our „traditional avenues“ to connect - is less than ideal to truly further and successfully implement innovation, maybe - for many - it has opened doors and opportunities that they didn’t know existed or could apply to their business. This two-part session - hosted by MusicTech Germany - wants to highlight some approaches on how to go hybrid with live events and/or conference or networking formats. During the first part of the session, two examples for hybrid approaches will be explored in short 8 - 10 min lightning talks:


Claudia Schwarz MusicTech Germany

Matthias Strobel MusicTech Germany

Oskar Strajn Eurosonic Noorderslaag (ESNS) | Groningen, The Netherlands

Philipp Grefer | WISE - The Future Festival & Think Tank | Beijing, VR China

If you wish to contact the organizerz or speakers, please write an e-mail to Katharina Busch busch@jazzahead.de



Philipp Grefer | WISE - The Future Festival & Think Tank | Beijing, VR China wisenotwise.com | linkedin.com/in/philipp-grefer

Philipp Grefer
Philipp Grefer is CEO of WISE - The Future Festival & Think Tank which he founded in 2018 in Beijing and since has taken to 5 cities in China and Germany. He has more than 20 years of experience in the music & events business in various roles, 10 of which he lived in China where he co-founded 360 degree music agency FakeMusicMedia and worked at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. He consults companies and government organizations on the Chinese / Asian markets and how to embrace creativity & new technologies. He also has worked as a journalist for Germany´s biggest broadcaster, the GIZ, Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow and holds a masters degree in Political Science & Economics.

About WISE
WISE - The Future Festival & Think Tank is China’s most important global summit connecting thought leaders of the creative industries, science, and the tech community on both sides of the Great Firewall. Now in its fourth year, WISE was founded by Philipp Grefer in Beijing in 2018 to spark cross-sectoral dialogue and connect innovators to discuss essential questions about how we want and should live in the future. It showcases new and established talent from various industries.


Oskar Strajn | Eurosonic Noorderslaag (ESNS) | Groningen, The Netherlands esns.nl | linkedin.com/in/oskarstrajn

Oskar Strajn
Oskar Strajn is one of the bookers at ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag), Europe’s largest live music music industry event based in Groningen, the Netherlands. He works closely with the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the yearly music awards given during the festival every year, as well as the ESNS charts coordinator. In the past, Oskar has also worked as a radio DJ, journalist and event promoter.

About ESNS
ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) is the key exchange for emerging European music talent, with a proven track record of helping to break new acts on the international music scene, with now well-known names such as Alma, Altin Gün, Arlo Parks, Aurora, Black Country, New Road, Celeste, Dua Lipa, Fontaines D.C., girl in red, Hinds, Idles, Mavi Phoenix, Meduza, Melanas, Oscar and the Wolf, Pip Blom, Podium, Pongo, Shame and Sigrid.

The conference side of the event attracts more than 4,000 entertainment industry professionals from all sections of the industry, including representatives of over 400 European festivals. Each year, ESNS stages more than 350 showcases all over the city of Groningen as well as offering a comprehensive and focused conference programme of around 150 panels and keynotes, alongside multiple networking opportunities.

In 2021 the first online edition of ESNS exceeded all expectations; both the festival and conference platform have been visited en masse by music lovers and professionals worldwide with almost 4000 from 124 different countries. Despite the acts, audience, and industry professionals being unable to meet each other in Groningen, they still managed to make the most of the virtual experience with daily live streamed panels and performances and online networking opportunities for professionals to meet each other in a virtual environment.


Oskar Strajn | Eurosonic Noorderslaag (ESNS) | Groningen, The Netherlands esns.nl | linkedin.com/in/oskarstrajn

"Current Tools, Emerging Tech and Trends focussed on Extending or Creating Business Opportunities"

Claudia Schwarz | MusicTech Germany, german.innovation, Innovation Bridge Europe | Berlin, Germany music-tech.de/en/ | linkedin.com/in/claudiaschwarz11/

MusicTech Germany will try to provide a brief glimpse into tools and applications as well as emerging and/or growing trends that can assist in permanently extending or creating (new) business opportunities within the creative industries, especially the live music sector and creative industries networking. This approach equally applies to the digital and physical realm as well as anything in-between, e.g. hybrid, physical, virtual or extended realities, the Metaverse and more.

All three short talks serve as a kick off to explore different approaches in the second part of the session:


AMA & Knowledge Exchange Session

Following the lightning talks, participants are invited to join the respective speaker(s) in an "Ask-Me-Anything" and Knowledge Exchange Session to discuss the use cases and/or examples presented, share their own experiences or knowledge of other use cases as well as openly discuss ideas for future formats or approaches.

Johannes Jacobi with hoeme & Festival for Festivals will join us for the AMA Session hoemepage.com | festivalfuerfestivals.de

Part 1 will be recorded and available on the Jazzahead platform until the end of May.
Part 2 will be approximately 45 min long and will NOT be recorded.
Part 2 can be split in individual breakout sessions if preferred by the audience.