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What emerging artists should do today?

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What emerging artists should do today?

Tours used to be promotional tools for musicians to sell more records. However, with internet piracy, touring became the most important money generator. Although streaming brought back the possibility of making money via audio, the payouts are low.

COVID-19 complicated everything even more, as global social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines and similar strategies to fight the pandemic nearly completely shut the most important money generator - live performance. Even with huge networks and some financial stability, seasoned musicians are struggling all over the world to maintain their careers as the entire industry is crumbling.

However, it’s even worse to imagine a person trying to start a career in music in the current landscape. Hence, what should be the focus for an emerging artist today?

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Jennifer Harrington Director of Marketing | Blue Note Entertainment Group

Rokas Kucinskas Head of programming, licensing & pertnerships | Stingray DJAZZ

Maarten Walraven Channel Manager | Stingray DJAZZ

Justin Mckenzie Creative Director | Jazz re:freshed

José James

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